What readers say

“One can make the case that the Energiewende is the most important new public policy initiative anywhere on the planet in the last fifty years – which is why it’s so important to have an in-depth, readable, and in many places very moving analysis of the law. Must reading for those interested in community energy – which, on a rapidly heating planet, should be everyone.”

Bill McKibben, Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder of 350.org


“Readers who read English but not German, perhaps misled by the disinformation campaign portraying the Energiewende as a failure, will be astounded to learn what actually happened … .”

Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute Founder


“Craig Morris and Arne Jungjohann’s account of Germany’s Energiewende is both sobering and inspiring. It shows that enough committed people — and a couple of key policies — can make clean energy a reality.”

Elisabeth Kolbert, author of Pulitzer Prize-winning The Sixth Extinction


“”Energy Democracy” provides an important and inspiring story about how to achieve the post fossil fuel future … .”

David Suzuki, author of Letters to My Grandchildren


“Energy Democracy is the first book on the energy transition that documents who is behind the system change and what motivates them. It is a must read for everyone as it shows why the transition to renewable energy is so important – and a power shift in the double sense!”

Jakob von Uexkuell, founder of the Right Livelihood Award and the World Future Council