Energy Democracy: Germany’s ENERGIEWENDE to Renewables

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Chapter 1: Energiewende: The Solution To More Problems Than Climate Change

Chapter 2: The Birth of a Movement: 1970s Protests for Democracy in Wyhl

Chapter 3: Fledgling Wind Power: The Folly Of Innovation Without Deployment

Chapter 4: German Wind Pioneers Fighting Power Monopolies In The 1980s

Chapter 5: The Power Rebels of Schoenau

Chapter 6: Renewable Energy In Conservative Communities

Chapter 7: The 1990s: Laying The Foundations For The Energiewende

Chapter 8: Green Capitalism Made in Germany

Chapter 9: The Red-Green Revolution (1998-2005)

Chapter 10: Healthy Democracy: Key To The Energiewende’s Success

Chapter 11: Utilities Bet On Gas And Coal and Renewables Boom (2005-2011)

Chapter 12: From Meitner to Merkel: A History of German nuclear power

Chapter 13: Merkel Takes Ownership of the Energiewende (2011-Today)

Chapter 14: Will the Energiewende Succeed?

Chapter 15: Act Now Or Be Left Out